WebSeeker 6.0: Search several search engines simultanesously to pinpoint results.

WebSeeker 6.0

search results.You still have several limitations when using popular search engines such as Yahoo, Lycos, Goto, MSN, Snap, Excite, etc. *Inability to save searches, leaves you no option to come back later. Use WebSeeker to save, renew, and refine search results. *You`re missing out on finding valuable Web sites because each engine returns different results. WebSeeker gathers and compares results from several search engines. *Different search engines

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iMetaSearch 5.00: Search engines can`t group results based on meaning, but iMetaSearch can.

iMetaSearch 5.00

Searches for Analysis - export search results or index words for further analysis. 6) Quickly Explore Related Area - use one click follow-up searches on any index word or phrase. 7) Track Changes in any Search - use one click to update any search and check for new results. iMetaSearch is designed for quick, interactive search and exploration of results. It is the first search tool to bring the benefits of using many search engines together with a

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Outlook PST File Search Tool 1.4: Outlook PST file search tool works same as PST finder Tool

Outlook PST File Search Tool 1.4

search tool - Outlook PST finder software is used to find Microsoft PST file with effortless method. When your Outlook is running under exchange server and you want to find PST file. That time you can use Search PST file tool for finding PST files in Outlook 2010 without any problem. Outlook PST file search tool is giving you simple way to find PST file. This software can generate backup of configured PST file and you can save backup in your wanted

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Mortgage Offset Deal 1: Find information quicker with the Mortgage offset deal search tool

Mortgage Offset Deal 1

The main three search tools execute first-class work but because of the almost infinitely vast range of web sites accessible from the Internet it`s a much more sensible aim to make use of a more specialized search tool whenever possible. This is expressly the aim of the mortgage offset deal search tool. The mortgage offset deal is a more specific search tool and it will allow you to procure extremely good information in a short time span.

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Able2Know Expert Toolbar 1.5.2: An advanced researcher`s toobar

Able2Know Expert Toolbar 1.5.2

Toolbar is an advanced researcher`s tool allowing you to search through dozens of search engines and online references. What sets able2know`s toolbar apart from others is that it does not restrict searches to one search engine but searches all the best web searches, meta-searches, directories, and references. Purposefully maintaining a small memory footprint this search tool still contains a comprehensive set of research features including web search

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WeCrew.com Job Search Toolbar 1.01

Job Search Toolbar that allows you to search thousands of jobs. Search Term Highlighting Easy Uninstall, no spy ware!

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GGSearch: The search tool with Google™ power! 3.8.0: Search Tool for the Google™ website for faster and quicker results.

GGSearch: The search tool with Google™ power! 3.8.0

Search in these sites", change News Options, add your Universitie or an Extra Search Engine. Search Exact, use SafeSearch or a Relevance Filter, Search in Date*for groups only, Time Search options, Search in a specific language, search for Image options orUse raw Google™ Mode. Don`t forget tp change your Google™ page output. The tool can you keep: always on top, Hide on search Change it result Language Output, tweak the History, Startup with windows

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TigerTom Toolbar 1.0: TigerTom Toolbar, for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

TigerTom Toolbar 1.0

TigerTom Toolbar, for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Has a meta search engine, email checker, PageRank checker, and text re-sizer. A simple, unobtrusive alternative to other toolbars.

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Power Search Tool 1.0: Radically Improve Your Search Experience.Target your searches with 1 click!

Power Search Tool 1.0

Radically Improve Your Search Experience! No more wasting time going through pages and pages of search results. Find Exactly what you are searching for fast. Power Search Tool enables you to target your searches with a simple click. Generating targeted search results directly from your browser with a simple mouse click. (SEO Tools Included)

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Mercurius 3.01: Unique search tool that helps you narrow search engine and metasearch searches

Mercurius 3.01

Mercurius is a unique web search tool that helps you to narrow search engine and metasearch searches by listing keywords and phrases extracted from the web sites returned by a search. You can then repeat the search using any listed keywords you think are relevant, enabling you to reduce the number of results and find what you want. It works with Microsoft Internet Explorer and most of the major search engines and metasearcher sites.

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